1. partybarackisinthehousetonight:

    pro tip: if you’re ever arrested, use your one call to call the police station and pretend to be the police chief then tell the police officer to release you from jail immediately

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  3. gold-skies:

    shout out to zac efron for never pursuing a singing career after he left disney

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  4. stuffalextumbles:

    Me for all of high school

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  5. yigers:


    check out the way this dog’s eye’s open

    this dog rocks

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  6. heckitygirl:

    i love drunk girls in bathrooms so much like they’re just so nice they tell u how pretty u are and become ur bff for like those two minutes that ur standing there in the bathroom its great

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  7. cyanicle:

    friend: sorry about the mess!


    me: sorry about the mess!


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  10. liberalsarecool:

    Science always has its skeptics. Unfortunately, Republicans elect them

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